Introducing the NEXT Blockchain

Based on Bitcoin core, we provide support for Unlimited assets, High Volume and instant transactions at the lowest costs, decentralized governance, and a lot more!

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NEXT.chain is the Blockchain for DeFi Applications

With the pioneering use of decentralized technology, we have built the next version of Blockchain, Next.Chain. The ground-breaking Next.chain acts as a backbone of allowing, instant trading of coins and tokens with utmost security and reliability. We don’t plan on simply deploying a Blockchain and digital asset exchange platform. We aim to become leaders in the Blockchain field.

  • Instant transactions, verified and approved.
  • A unified & open digital ledger.
  • API integration for all third parties.
  • Global coverage and 24/7 Availability
  • Support for short wallet addresses.
  • Unlimited asset deployments (utility or security tokens).
  • Decentralized Governance.
  • Decentralized data storage.
  • Privacy, but also KYC and AML compliant.
  • And much more...

Asset creation
for everybody

NEXT.chain allows anyone to easily create and maintain their digital asset, similar to Ethereum's ERC20 tokens. All assets are directly tradeable since our goal is to provide transparent liquidity to new and existing projects. Is your business ready for a boost by incorporating digital assets?


No more waiting for confirmations or sluggish payments. With our Layer 2 protocol, you can transfer assets and tokens instantly and at zero-costs. This unique blockchain built on top of Bitcoin-core enables a new digital economy.

and Liquidy Farming

Earn NEXT by staking with a masternode or by providing liquidity to Uniswap. NEXT will be available on Uniswap with many pairs.


A masternode is a securitization node of a decentralized network. Where transactions are processed on a layer on top of NEXT.chain, becoming an owner of a node, just like with the miners: you will receive a commission in NEXT (currently at 10 NEXT/daily), proportionally to the service delivered to the network. Masternode holders have voting rights and vote on proposals suggested by masternode holders.

Nothing beats NEXT.chain

Core Blockchain Functionality Bitcoin Ethereum NEXT
Private Transactions
Public Transactions
IP Masking
Monetary System
Asset Creation
Coin Shuffling
Alias System
Multi-Signature Accounts
Encrypted Messaging
Integrated Decentralized Exchange
Decentralized Marketplace
Phased Transactions
Voting System
3rd Party Plugins (API)
Authentication System
Balance Lending
Smart Contracts
File and Data Storage
Transaction Rewards
Safe from 51% Attack
Build-in Staking
Consensus Mechanism POW POW POW/POS
Transaction Fees $35 $15 $0.001
Transaction Per Second 7 15 10,000

We are already successful. Check our numbers.


unique addresses


active masternodes


listed assets


blocks generated


Only 30,3 M NEXT will be available by the end of 2032


Team & Core Members 1M

To Stake & Mine 21,3M (12,3M available)

Liquidity Event 8M

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Frequently asked questions

The next.chain is the new blockchain where assets and smart contracts can be built on the bitcoin core technology. Due to these extensions we are able to perform many transactions at very low costs. With this we increase scalability and we are able to fully support DeFi. No more high dynamic gas fees or slow transactions!

By running a Masternode you help uphold the NEXT network and aid it’s growth while receiving financial reward in the form of NEXT on a regular basis. The NEXT network will grow in appeal for investors and users as it increases in size and security, this in turn positively affects the financial incentive provided by running a NEXT Masternode. The only requirement is to have 25000 NEXT as collateral.

The next.coin is the native cryptocurrency running on the next.chain. This coin is necessary to run a masternode or can be exchanged for all digital assets that are on the next.chain. The next.token is the ERC20 variant where staking, yielding and trading can be done via Uniswap, for example, but where the token can also be stored at Trust or on ledgers. Both the next.coin and next.token are equal to each other and are also 1: 1 swapable via the ERC20 bridge.

NEXT will be listed directly on UniSwap after the Initial Liquidy Offering.

At the moment NEXT.token (ERC20) is not listed on CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko. This will happen after we are listed on Uniswap.

NEXT.coin is the native cryptocurrency which runs on top of the NEXT.chain, like Ether is on the Ethereum blockchain. With the NEXT.coin it's possible to setup Masternodes and vote for masternode proposals, next will be standard paired with all assets which will be added to the chain.

NEXT.token is the ERC20 token which is backed on a 1:1 base with the NEXT.coin. Like TetherUSD, NEXT is inter-connected with multiple blockchains. We do this to increase the reach and because of this we are also tradeable via Uniswap and the token can be stored in ledgers and on Trustwallet.

The team has owned approximately 9M NEXT since 2018 with the aim of scaling up if needed. The team will now place a large part of these coins in the market through a liquidity providing event, with 40% being directly locked for liquidity on Uniswap. The rest will be used to scale up further and that is badly needed. The market is experiencing a massive bull run and only by scaling up can we grow to become a market leader. After all, we did not develop for years and then remain unknown. After the sale, the team will keep 1M NEXT.

For running a masternode a collateral of 25000 NEXT is needed. At the moment NEXT is tradable only at P2PB2B.
Guide for setting up a masternode is posted here.